Battle of the Books

What is the Battle of the Books?

A list of 100 books is curated by the Library at the beginning of the school year. Children in Grades 4-8 form school teams and read the books. In May, the teams gather at the Library to compete in the tournament with seven rounds that include matching authors and titles, quotes and books, short answer book trivia, and multiple-choice style questions. There is also free pizza, lots of prizes, and a chance to meet other bibliophiles.  The winner gets the glory and a trophy! Check out our photo album of last season's fun!

Interested in joining? Drop us a line!

2019 Tournament

Congratulations to our 2019 Champions: East Oro Public School!

East Oro Public School Battle of the Books winners

Congratulations to our past winners!

2018 The Homeschool Team
2017 The Homeschool Team
2016 Rama Central Public School
2015 The Homeschool Team
2014 St. Bernard's Catholic School
2013 The Homeschool Team
2012 St. Bernard's Catholic School
2011 The Homeschool Team
2010 The Homeschool Team
2009 East Oro Public School
2008 St. Bernard's Catholic School
2007 Orchard Park Public School
2006 Orchard Park Public School
1998 Orchard Park Public School
1997 Orchard Park Public School
1996 Hillcrest Public School
1995 Monsignor Lee Catholic School
1994 Hillcrest Public School
1993 Monsignor Lee Catholic School
1991 Monsignor Lee Catholic School
1990 Monsignor Lee Catholic School
1989 Monsignor Lee Catholic School