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Orillia Public Library has lots of great books, DVD's and other resources for you to help with homework, but if you cannot make it into the library, try these easy online tools from your computer.

Can't find what you need? Try looking through our other eResources.

 ebscohost      novelist
 Search for magazines, journals, newspapers, reports, biographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, photos, maps, flags and more. Find information about books and authors!
             general onefile

       canada in context 

 A gigantic collection  of magazine and journal articles. Great for research papers and projects.  Created especially students studying Canada, Canada in Context has information on Canada, its provinces, people and heritage.
              infotrac student     Canadian Points of View
 Search through maps, articles and newspapers to find the answers you are looking for.  Learn to develop and formulate arguments by searching through articles and essays.